28 October 2007

Sarah's honorary bachelor status confirmed!

After many years and plenty of burnt out bunsens, Sarah has completed her degree in Science, with honours. She handed up her thesis on Friday, right next door to where I was convalescing from my savage episode of gamekeeper's thumb.

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We went out for dinner to celebrate her re-release into the world, along with some of her friends and family - as you can see, I was doped up to the eyeballs on painkillers. It's a wonder I didn't fall from the gritty stairwell we congregated on.

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We utilised the camera's self-timer function for this shot!

1 comment:

D said...

hope your 'gamekeeping' abilites come back to normal soon and congrats to sarah. good to catch up with you when we were down last week. cheers bruddah.