28 October 2007

Me thumb

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While Martin was over, I fell and tweaked my thumb whilst attempting the ever-unpredictable backside tailslide. It was a decent slam, which confined me shivering to the bench, but being accustomed to the constant cycle of skate-related pain, I paid it little mind. Only upon returning to work did I realise it was not getting better and I could not in fact sign my name effectively(this is very important in the fashion game). Turns out I tore a tendon (the official name of my injury is amusing: gamekeeper's thumb) and had surgery on Friday.

I'm slowly getting the hang of this lefthanded typing lark, and the mouse control is improving with time. However, everything else is the stuff of fevered dreams. My new, apelike state is obviously an opportunity masquerading as a shit thing, but I am yet to fully identify it's potential for good. Any hints and ideas are most welcome.

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