27 December 2013

Welcome to Featherston

This is the up and coming township of Featherston, New Zealand.

Ever the canny investors, Rosie and I have snapped up this house. We are here making it really awesome so some lucky people can rent it.

This smart horse lives in a field over the road from our house.

The house is a diamond in the rough. Peggy, the lady who used to live there, was an enthusiastic smoker.


We take short breaks from renovatin' to visit the many sights of 'Feathers'. This is the 'top of the' lake.

The hills. I could hardly believe this was real.

The Rose of Featherston

This is me on the day I used a wet broom to clean all the nicotine tar off the ceiling in the hallway. The dirty water ran down my arm and gathered in the well of my armpit.

This is the pohutukawa tree we have now planted in the front yard. It served as a makeshift xmas tree of sorts.

I'm very proud of this hallway. The carpet is by Ksubi (fashion joke).

Jake and Gen live over the road in their own house. We go over there for the basics: coffee, cake, internet and encouraging words. We are staying down the road with Helen and Bailey.

The Rose of Featherston.

We went to Wellington on xmas day.

Sam made an epic breakfast - I made the blurry toast.

Will, perhaps dreaming wistfully of Japan.

Jessica on the tramp.




I spotted these crazy things from the road and we stopped to take a look. I suppose people build them for fun. Two birds were very unhappy we were there and complained loudly the entire time. You can see one in the picture.

Rosie in her rock nest

Xmas afternoon walk up the hill with Jake

Helen and Bailey.

That's it for now. Drop by if you're in the area - we can go over to Jake and Gen's for a coffee.