10 February 2013

Jason birthday

It was Jason's birthday last week, so he had a little get together at 99 Problems. Many folk came along to wish the adorable chap well. The glamour!


Among the throng was Luke, who has long hair and a nice new camera, and Chris, who has a long beard and is off the turps for the month. They both have hats.


Grey marle is an unusual backdrop for such an aggressive slogan, wouldn't you say? It seems a little more apologetic than black or white. Anyway, who wore it best?

Jase_bday_ 1

Here's me and Chris. Dion looks on in the background, while Doctor Jay holds court.

Jase_bday_ 2

You wouldn't believe it, but we ended up standing out the front having outrageous conversations about stuff. We really dissected some topics out there.

Jase_bday_ 3

It was a really fun night. Happy birthday Jase!

6 February 2013


Lewis Marnell was a lovely, funny guy. He was also incredible on the board, one of the best in the world. Here are a few photos of him from over the last few years. The first one is Lewis holding one of his pro model boards with artwork done by local Koori kids from near the Prahran skatepark.


Here he is showing off a lovely shinner. Lewis always skated hard at demos.


He was awesome. Rest in peace Lewis! 


3 February 2013

Joey's bucks day

My dear friend Joey is getting married in just a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we are going to New Zealand the day before the wedding, so I won't get to be there on the day. At least I'll be there for the crazy bucks day thing, I thought. Joey's plan was for everyone to get inflatable rafts and make our way around the four-hour long Pound Bend in the Yarra - an awesome and potentially hilarious idea. Then on Wednesday I fell over and made a weird hole in my elbow, and the bone was sort of sticking out, then I went to the doctors and fluid sprayed him in the face when he was cleaning the wound. Then I got it stitched up and floating around the Yarra for four hours was not going to happen. Disappointing. Instead, Sam, Jason and I went to meet the motley crew at the end of their journey.


I'd never been there before; it's a fantastic spot. There's even a tunnel (man-made?) from one side to the other.


Sam brought a raft from a previous voyage.


And promptly made himself right at home.


Jason and I were happy to stay on the banks with our chips and dips.


Here they come!


Most were smiling, a few were a bit cold, one was sick and a couple were missing. Andy was in his element.


It felt a bit like the landing of the first fleet, with all its accompanying horror.


A few of the more daring members of the party took a couple of runs through the tunnel and the rapids. Cap'n Joey and Julian were caught in a slightly compromising position on their way towards the rapids.


I think Julian may have actually fallen out a moment after this photo was taken.


Not Cap'n Joey though! He hung on to the end.


Dion wasn't looking so flash.


Group shot. Good one Cap'n Joey!!!