20 October 2013


My good friend Dave Quirk has been over in Europe performing his comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival and in London, as well as appearing on the same bill as Stewart Lee and impressive stuff like that.


He's back now and we are all very glad.


What else? Lots. For starters, Tyke and Ari put on a spontaneous performance in the hallway the other night.



Rosie has curated a pretty amazing show at an abandoned brothel in Collingwood. It's a fascinating place and the stuff she and her team have done is great. I'll try and put up some more photos soon, but here's one from when we first visited the site, and click here for more details on the show.


It was my birthday a few weeks ago and we had a great afternoon picnic and skate at Clifton Hill. I was a bit overwhelmed and busy blowing out candles to take photos, but here's one of my old pal Liege.


16 October 2013

Nicely Exposed

As you may or may not be aware, I've a long-held ambition to be a talk-show host. Spurred on by dreams of emulating my idols (Partridge, McClure, Smiley, The Frog), I have slowly circled the vocation for decades and now am closing in for the kill.
Here is the first in what I hope to be a continuing series of Nicely Exposed; an in-depth interview with professional photographer Sean Fennessy, in conjunction with my friends at the upcoming Independent Photography Festival.