18 January 2013

Skatepark in the hills

One day in the holidays we went to this skatepark up in the hills. I think it was Diamond Creek but I can't be sure. We stopped for food on the way and Siggy ran off to take a photo of a dead wombat he had spotted by the side of the road. The skatepark is split into two separate parts, which is strange. You actually have to walk down the hill to skate the other bit. There were quite a few local teenagers hanging out there. We didn't really talk to them, because they seemed to have their own thing going on. It was really hot and Sam kept on squirting everyone with a water pistol. He made a smiley face on Siggy's shirt. Paul Battlay showed up and did a sweet frontside air, then we drove to skate some drains.

skatepark kids

Paul Battlay fs air

16 January 2013

Two sides of Siggy

Siggy is now in Brussels interning at the UN, but he was definitely here a couple of weeks ago - I have the proof. Here are two sides of Siggy. The yin and the yang, if you will.



15 January 2013

A couple of days in Rye

We got out of town for a couple of days after Christmas and stayed at Beci's mum's place. We ate a lot of food cooked over the fire, drank nice drinks and played celebrity heads. It was great! 



Celebrity heads






Ed and Sofia

6 January 2013

2013: A Skate Odyssey

2013: A Skate Odyssey from Max Olijnyk on Vimeo.

Dave asked me to send him a clip of the trick he did yesterday so he could prove to his friend that he can skate. Here it is!

2 January 2013



Here's Matt Horne with a lovely (Jason Jessee-esque!) ollie at Bulleen from a while back. Great to skate with Matt again after all these years.