20 May 2014

Geelong noseslide madness

We went to Geelong on Sunday. First we went to Norlane, a great skatepark in a rough area. Why does it always work that way? They have a curb on top of a bank there that will melt your heart, a darling little quarter pipe and a few other things I don't use but imagine are great. Every skatepark should be made in the image of Norlane - minus the burnouts and southern cross tattoos.

Then we went to the skatepark on the waterfront. It's quite the feature of the area, complete with sculptural things you can't actually skate, basketball areas and aimless tourists wandering through. There was even a chap doing some aggressive 'parkour' street dancing. It was hilarious - Sam kept on getting in his way. He would stand there waiting to do a run through the entire park, getting frustrated with Sam, who was just standing there thinking about something. I loved it. But apart from that, the park is a bit too abrupt and collisiony for my liking, apart from that one ledge. Towards the end of the session, Tree started trying to noseslide this ridiculous stomach-high ledge.

Eventually, he got it. It was difficult to do the trick justice photo-wise (the ledge is far higher than it looks in this shot- I can't believe people skate it!), but I enjoyed playing around with angles. After he landed the trick, a young skater appeared out of the shadows with his camera to show Tree his angle. It was way better than mine. Anyway, on the way home we stopped at a pub shaped like a sphinx, then Corio bowl, before talking politics all the way home.

High five about to go down in the background.

6 May 2014

The eyes of love

A couple of weekends ago I went skating in the city with Tom and his friends - the Low Tide Boys. It's a great gang name, isn't it? It was a fun skate. I had a new board, trucks and wheels (the infamous 'Christmas set-up') so I started filming while I got used to it. This is the footage from that day, interspersed with footage of Tess trying to get her ball out of a little pool at the beach. I heard the song 'Through the eyes of love' on the drive home from Rendelsham last weekend. We were listening to a local radio station with a hilarious German announcer who said things like 'they have a sausage special on Tuesdays, but today is Monday.' There was a long pause, then he said, 'That was an advertisement.' Anyway he played this song and I enjoyed it.