9 February 2014

Boards up a tree

We spent Australia Day visiting some skateparks down towards the Mornington Peninsula. We ended up at Frankston skatepark, and on our way out, Joey asked me if I thought he should throw his board in a tree. He often does this kind of thing when he wants to spice things up a bit. He just likes to do something crazy to see what happens next, like a plot twist in a movie. My answer is usually no, but the reaction is invariably the same: he does it anyway.

Under the cover of trying to knock his board out of the tree, Joey proceeded to throw the rest of our boards up there too. It's a big tree!

Then he proclaimed to the skatepark that the person to return our skateboards would receive his deck as a reward, and two kids scurried up the tree in a flash.

There goes mine, I think. You can see the other kid if you search for him in the lower levels of the tree. He was doing some branch shaking.

Dion's board got caught on a lower branch on its way down.

So he knocked it down himself.

And it landed on his head.

Mission accomplished.

Poor Dion got cleaned up at the 'kiosk' while we fell about in guilty hysterics.

This kid got a new board. Joey drove home because Dion had concussion.