16 February 2014


After actually skating for a few hours yesterday, we made our way to St Kilda to watch a demo by the Four Star team.

Lots of people were there including Ed, who was sporting a 3d shirt in honour of our fave BA.

Pre-demo entertainment was provided by a throng of loudly dressed, pre-pubescent skate rats (and Will Stoyles).



Young drop-in.

Note to self: tan shorts with no top makes you look like you're not wearing any clothes.


Then they appeared! TNT has long hair again and skates amazingly. I love how he smacks down his tail on the end of every ollie.

Corey Kennedy appears to have gone quite mad.

There's the guy who made me want to make clothes so I could look more like him. He also made me want to listen to De La Soul, Beastie Boys and dedicate the rest of my life to skating. I was too shy to talk to him.

Another favourite - Brian Anderson. To my amazement, he remembered me when Tim and I approached him! 'Still skating, taking photographs and making art?' he asked. Remember when I drove him around six (!) years ago?

These demos make me think about how skateboarding is an industry like any other, but also a sort of cult.

Sammy was loving it.

This was straight after Koston did an air off an esky.

The mandatory product toss closed things off. A second or two after I took this photo, the wheels Ishod had thrown slid up the bowl transition and hit me in the crotch. It took me by surprise.

Ishod was amazing. It was like he was charmed on his board. Even when his board rolled away from him, it would roll back somehow. He floated around like a spirit.

Although demos are always kind of strange, I love them. Seeing these guys skate in the flesh reminds me of how awesome skateboarding is, and how if you're really confident, things work better than if you are timid.