13 January 2014

The back in Melbourne blues

I've been back in Melbourne for a week now, and Featherston already feels like a long way away. I suppose it actually is a long way away, but you know what I mean. I have a serious case of the post-holiday blues, feeling the sharp juxtaposition of going from painting walls and looking at amazing mountains to writing emails and looking at my computer.

Rosie is over there for the rest of the month handling business, which is also strange. I'm quite jealous.

I miss the sights of Featherston, like this mound of crap over the road from the fish and chip shop.

Here we are in front of the house the day we painted the outside of it. It was new year's eve, and we went over the road to Jake and Gen's for a BBQ. Man I was tired that day.

Thanks for looking after us Helen!

This was the day I left the house. It looks very different to when we first started working on it, and it looks different again now. The fence is gone and... I'm being boring, I realise this.

Back in Melbourne, the garden has gone bonkers, thanks to a diligent watering regime from our house guardian Max Walker. A bee stung my hand as I was weeding in there the other day. I also woke up with a mysterious black eye - weird!

Bill Henson popped by and took a photo in the backyard, which was nice.

One great thing about being back is hanging out with Tess. She could hardly believe it when I came back, because she thought I was dead. She gets weirded out when I speak to Rosie on Skype, turning her head sideways and sniffing the computer screen. I often catch her staring at me like this.

To help things, I tried getting 'back to nature' on the weekend and went for a walk at Brimbank park.

Tess was loving it, although I spent the entire time feeling terrified that she would be bitten by a snake.

I've also been working in the social whirl of Collingwood, skating at Fawkner and going out drinking and eating with my friends. I can confirm that all these things are good features of Melbourne. Unlike Anchorman 2, which stinks.