15 February 2014

Sammy briefly back on board

As you might know, Sam broke his leg about four years ago and hasn't been able to skate properly since. It's fine because, you know, there's more to life than skateboarding and Sam has used the past few years becoming one of the finest web developers in Melbourne, but I know he misses skating sometimes. He comes out with us a fair bit and coaches from the sidelines, talking me into doing tricks because they're 'easy' and because he presumed I could do them already. Sam even got a board and wheels a while ago, but they've been sitting in his apartment gathering dust for over a year, awaiting accoutrements he's always too busy to acquire. Anyway, a few weeks ago we went to Reservoir and Sam was in rare form, taking turns on my board and sneaking around everywhere doing interesting, funny things. It was quite a thing to see, as if he never broke his leg. I asked him if I could take a photo of this wallie feeble and he did about ten in a row, each better than the last.

I filmed a nose wheelie Sam did up a wedge ramp, and he landed it while we were both laughing quite hard at a joke. His session came to an abrupt halt when he tried to slide up the curved rail and shot out backwards, landing awkwardly on the old leg. It looked weird. That was a few weeks ago and he hasn't been able to skate since. Fingers crossed it gets better soon, and he gets some trucks for his board so he can stop showing me up.