7 August 2011

dog coat frenzy continues unabated

I know it's getting a bit repetitive, but it's just too amusing not to report. The Tess pro model coats I'm doing with Best in Park are causing a media frenzy the likes of which have never been seen in the history of fashion.

First we had the Design Files write up, which was pretty sweet.

Then there was a piece on ThreeThousand by Joe Miranda, a bunch of 'likes' and such on the book and now, the pinnacle of exposure - a puff piece in the Herald Sun!!


Sure, it doesn't mention Note to Self and yep, Tess looks like a scared possum, but Soph looks great and the masses are informed. It's a game changer. Rosie, Tess and I just got back from a weekend away - that's another story, but also an example of how rich and successful we are now. More to come.

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