25 March 2009

Another day, another euro

Photobucket is still maxed out, so I'm trying out the inbuilt photo uploader thing.
After an opening at Tolarno where Olivia works, a few of us had a meal at the Gem in Collingwood and found a great bin full of wood on the way home.

Ever decorative, Ed found a lovely piece of ornate work.

It's all a bit of a blur, but I think Tom was there too.

As were Olivia and Johnnie. Johnnie is an actor, currently rehearsing for an MTC play. He played a monster in Where the Wild Things Are, which is probably the most hotly anticipated film around my studio.

Onto last Friday, and Tom Walsh was resplendent in the stooge, admiring my scissors and showing Sam and I some youtube faves.

After a bit of that, we relocated to the sadly soon to be defunct St. Jeromes.

Where we rediscovered the taste of summer. Those things go down a little too well!

After a few tastes of summer, photos like this seemed like a great idea

Tony, smokin'

Sam, pretending to be smokin'

Then where else but the Carlton, and who else but the Mapstones!

Prior made an appearance. Someone had sunglasses.

Sam and I headed homeward, stopping off at a party in Fitzroy. Oh, the life we lead. Caitlin was sighted:

As was, of course, Tom. Wearing a wig, no less. I think I wore a wig for a few minutes, too.

Safe to say those tastes of summer were quite strong.

The next day, I went skating with Scottie, Marc and Pete. We spent quite a while looking for new shoes for Scottie, then duct tape, around Chapel street. I started getting a bit delirious and not being able to handle it. Scottie said I was being a real dickhead. he was probably right. Look at his shoe!

Those of you who know Scottie would know he has unusually high hand/eye coordination and rarely, if ever, fails physical challenges. But Pete just keeps betting happy meals on ollies with him.

When will he learn?

Later on, I had a lovely pizza dinner with Biscuit, Tom and a nice chap from Germany named Manuel.

They had a great book about all the super heroes ever documented, including all your favourites like Batman, Spiderman and of course, Captain Video. Powers: none.

And Captain Nice!

Then I went to Shona's birthday celebration. I made her a camera case and she lost her camera earlier that day, way to rub it in. Happy birthday, Shona!

There were some fantastic red shoes there,

Belonging to none other than Phoebe.

And on Sunday, I bought a plant called a pregnant onion from the markets. It grows those balls on the otside, then they drop off and grow new ones. It's not an onion, by the way, it just looks like one. I love it!

Photos back to normal next month, I hope!

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