21 January 2011

Sale update

I've been busying myself making new things to accompany the not-so-new things that will be on offer at tomorrow's sale.

For starters, I've made a batch of selvage denim iphone cases. These things are pretty sweet, and age nicely like a pair of selvage jeans - especially if you use your phone as much as I do. They accommodate both iphones - 3 and 4.


I've also reinterpreted the classic supermarket 'Green bag' as the 'Blue bag'. The intention is to make a strong, good looking shopping bag that will age well and hook into those little spaces at the counter so the supermarket people can pack your bag with your purchases.


This is the other side of the Blue bag - note the selvage edging on the handle!


Hope to see you tomorrow! I'm off to bake some ginger poofs.

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