15 June 2014

Riley in Richmond

We went skating today on the east side of town. The first spot was a ghetto spot in Richmond - basically a big hole in the ground you have to climb down on a rickety ladder. It was chockers with character alright. 'The one thing this place needs,' I said to anyone who would listen, 'is a few more shopping trolleys.'

Here's James grinding up and over the, quite frankly, terrifying rail. Tess was hanging out on the top level with me, jumping around in the long grass like a rabbit.

Everyone did great tricks, don't worry about that. But I had my eye on Riley Payne.

He was doing these bastards. I just think they looked terrific.

After that we skated Camberwell park. I hadn't been there since it was resurfaced - it's a lot better now. Everyone had a ball there, but I couldn't quite get into the swing of things. Then we went to a ridiculously tiny park nearby and did synchronised jumps off the top of a quarter pipe, which I affectionately nicknamed 'the quart'.

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