7 March 2014

Real photos

Happy Friday to you! I got a few rolls of film developed last week, and here are some of the winners. Quite a few in there from our camping trip to the beach. Lovely stuff with my girls.

Here's me terrorising our dog Tess.

Me looking quite suave if I do say so myself. Happy as a clam.

The campsite was dominated by a big Alcoholics Anonymous group - which, as far as big groups of men go, is pretty nice really.


Tess in the middle of her performance piece entitled Life. 

The films also held mysterious memories from long ago, like the time we went to the beach and Tess kept burying chips under the jetty. Hilarious!

And the time Charlie came over for a beer.

While Tess was getting up in Ben's face.

Rosie, Anna and Charlie having a laugh.

One of many times Max W has prepared some delicious meat in our kitchen. Hard to nail down which one this was. Perhaps we'll never know? The majesty of film.

Golden daytimes at Golden Plains with Beci the instigator.

Raph on a short break from the truck.

Alice and Ed

Here's another great one of me with my mate Riley. Again, the mysterious majesty of film shines through.

There you go. There are plenty more on my Flickr page, which you can click through to from any of these photos. Thanks to Hillvale Photos for developing the film so nicely, highly recommended.