25 March 2014

New stockist in the west!

Not that many shops are up to the task of stocking my clothes. Note to Self is a savage beast of a brand; actually, it's more of an untamed mare running loose upon the moors. It spends most of its days peacefully grazing on the thickets that pop up intermittently from the fog, rich with green, green berries that are delicious to it. Many passing minstrels will attempt to lure Note to Self with their lutes, but their songs will only give it fright - alas, it is prone to flight.
Very rarely, a shop will appear upon the moor, bearing branches laden with the green, green berries that Note to Self loves to graze on so much. They will approach slowly, holding out the branch and humming a sweet tune under their breath. Note to Self will turn and stare piercingly through the fog at the shop. The brand takes the shops measure in that moment - sometimes in less than a second. And if Note to Self makes well of the shop, it will approach politely, almost bashfully. They are now friends.

Something like this happened when Garth from Perth emailed me and told me about this new shop he was opening. It's called Lo-Fi and it looks great.

If you look carefully at this photo that Garth sent through, you will spot some fine looking jeans perched authoritatively atop the centre bench. Yep, that's Note to Self for you. I think.

If your eyes now stray to the fancy bookshelf, you'll spy amongst the Heavytime publications and Monster Childrens, a copy of Kosciuszko, the tale of my healthy-fated trip up Australia's highest peak.

I really like the look of this shop. Functional changerooms, a tasteful use of neon and fantastic things to buy. What more do you want, you guys? Hats? Art? A staircase? Guess what - Garth and his friends have it all in spades.

If you're in the west, do drop in to Lo-Fi and say hello. It's right up there with my other stockists - Doomsday in Melbourne and Twenty Fifty Two in good old Adelaide. Thanks for taming, I mean stocking Note to Self you guys!

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