6 August 2013

Hangin' at Hanging Rock

The car works again so we thought we'd take a little sojourn out to Hanging Rock. It was cold and rainy, but we were like 'what the hell'

Hanging Rock 1

There is a track around the base of the rock that you're allowed to walk your dog 'on a lead'. Tess was in heaven.

Hanging Rock 2

Mossy rock with Rosie looking odd up the top there

Hanging Rock 3

This photo was taken moments before Tess chased a rabbit into the bush and disappeared for what seemed like hours. It would have been only about 10 minutes, but it freaked us out good and proper.

Hanging Rock 3

Then she just rocked up. We had been walking around through the bracken like fools calling her name, sort of like the movie.

Hanging Rock 5

Speaking of rocking up, we decided that since we had broken the rules already, we should just climb up the rock. Tess was on the lead this time.

Hanging Rock 6

It's a very surreal place. I think it was nice to go up there when it was all misty and rainy, because it felt even more otherworldly.

Hanging Rock 9

Back at the car, Rosie spotted some kangaroos having a go on the nearby racecourse.

Hanging Rock 10

Hanging Rock 11

Back at home, Tess tried to apologise for the whole thing with the rabbit


Actually she just wanted one of the pistacchios I was eating