26 August 2013

Another afternoon down the drain

To celebrate a hard day of work at home (I mean it!), I celebrated by going for a skate. But halfway to the skatepark, I thought why don't I go for a wander at the drains instead?


I was there with my trusty sidekick Tess. She was loving it just as much, if not a tiny bit more than me.


We had to clamber up the sides through some parts when it got a bit wet, then we'd run down the banks and start skating/skittering along on four legs.


Interesting bridges. It's a different world down there!


A dark hole. On the way back walked on the other side and I nearly slipped over going past this hole on the mossy wet concrete. Tess slipped over a couple of times: hilarious.


More dark holes. As we followed the drains further north, the skate-friendly concrete banks were replaced by charming cobbled ones.


As the houses and bike paths disappeared, the vistas reminded me of lovely impressionist paintings, but with a gritty urban edge.


Without much warning, the drain ended. Well, the water continued, but there was no more concrete or track. And it suddenly started feeling sinister, like someone was watching me. I took a photo of this cactus and turned back.


I noticed lots of debris hanging off branches and things on the way back. A reminder of how much water can appear down there, I suppose - and the wastefulness of our society. I liked the look of this silver paper though, and stopped to take a photo of it. Then my camera battery went dead. So you may as well forget about the rest of the walk.