18 December 2009


I visited the Lost Dogs Home yesterday for work. I had to get a photo of the place and of course took the opportunity to check out the merchandise. Who was I to find but this little JRT cross named Tess!

I couldn't stop thinking about her and this morning, we went and picked her up! She was so happy to get out of that place.

She still hasn't barked once, and she occasionally strikes these strange freeze poses when she runs to you.

But she seems to be a lovely, affectionate character.

Rosie and her get along just fine.

Scottie may look apprehensive here, but he's fallen for Tess' charms too, in a big way.

Tess loves the couch. She's sleeping there right now.

Look forward to plenty more from Tess!


Saray said...

She looks like she´s smiling on the pictures!! Your new dog is adorable.
I stumbled upon your blog when I pressed the ´´Next blog´´ on the screen so hello neighbor! greetings from Spain :)

Pij said...


handmade romance said...

what a happy story : )