9 May 2015

French's birthday bash

Yesterday was French's birthday, so we went skating all day. French likes skating, so he does it all the time. It's good to be around. He told me about this birthday skate a couple of weeks ago and when I said it might be tricky to get the time to do it, he said, 'that's why I'm telling you about it now'.

Here's French. He got this hat and hoodie for his birthday from Chrissie, his wife.

French had really long hair until a couple of weeks ago. Now he has short hair, he says, 'Fuck long hair, it's stupid.' Now French has short hair, he looks a bit like Ed.

Speaking of long hair, here are two lovely people.
Jim, angry skies and a really nice ollie.
Mavie became a dad for the second time only four weeks ago, but he managed to come out for a quick roll, to our delight.
The roster was large and illustrious, including visitors from Adelaide and Sydney. We piled into a 12-seater van and hit the road for Rose Hill.
Rose Hill is a fantastic skatepark, but only when no one is there. This was one of those days. We sped around in circles for ages, then I started filming Will, Trent, Keegan and Dale skate the kicker gap. The clip is down there.
Jim with another monster ollie. Shutter speed was too slow, but you get the picture. It was a great session. Happy birthday French!

French's birthday skate from Max Olijnyk on Vimeo.

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