1 February 2015


One of my favourite things to do is take photos of my friends skating. I also love filming skating, but a good photo feels like more of a special thing you've done together. I've been taking skate photos for a really long time and I don't think I've ever really cracked it, but I do occasionally get one that I like. One of my favourite people to take photos of is Keegan. He has a really nice style and he doesn't get embarrassed in front of the camera. He's a bit of a character, too.

Here he is. "I must admit," he said, after I commented that we would have to get a photo of him skating in his red and white outfit, "I did get dressed today hoping that you'd take a photo of me." He is a compelling subject.
Backside tailslide with trademark Keegan style.

Another compelling subject: French
Croydon skatepark is always worth the drive, even if it is often overrun by scooters and those drifting tricycle things. It has lots of nice trees and a few really interesting obstacles like the little bowl corner/spine thing, perfect fodder for our enthusiastic, yet world-weary take on skateboarding. Keegan started trying these frontside flips near the end of our time there, prompting Sam to utter in disbelief, "That's actually a real trick!"

It was a tough one to photograph well. In the end I decided to start filming instead. The startling results can be seen below.

And here's a picture of Fred meeting my brother Pij last weekend. Sayonara!

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