23 September 2014

A roll of film

I just finished a roll of film that's been sitting in my camera for ages. It's been a while between developings, so this one holds some mysteries from the past.

Case in point. What the hell?

Remember when I lived here with Kate and Maz? Neither do I, really. Seems like a lifetime ago.

This is more contemporary. It's Cathy, hanging out in the shop on a Saturday.

Here's Cathy again, luxuriating in the lines thrown by our artfully designed window decals.

"Where's Penny?" "I think she's out the front."

Here's me, in the shop. You can find me there quite a bit.

I often wake up and go to the toilet at 4.20am. Took me a minute to grab the camera.

Here's Joey, out the front after an invigorating meal of pizza and beer.

Three of my faves: Joe, Raph and Sez, happy as clams at Raph's book launch. Raph and Sez are part of the team behind Blackmarket, the hot new ticket on Smith Street.

Raph signing copies of his book Hungry For That. Get a copy!

Chip off the old block Tyke, serving canapes and dispensing napkins off his head.

The master in action.

Sunday and Rosie - two babes with babes on the way. Not long now!!

The only celebrity chef who does a speech at his own book launch through the DJ's headphones.

Thanks Hillvale for the ace scans.

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