7 August 2014

An interesting afternoon at Fawkner skatepark

I went to Fawkner skatepark on Saturday with Dave, Joey and Chris. We go there a lot, and sometimes I get sick of it, but it really is one of the best parks in Melbourne. It's very smooth, very well designed and very located near a lovely Turkish bakery run by a friendly man and his little boy. Plus it's rarely crowded, so yes, we go there a lot.

Joey has been on a bit of a skating jag at the moment. I'm loving it.

Chris is also back on board after a hiatus, and is also a fantastic chap to skate with. Coincidentally, both Chris and Joey are very, very beardy at the moment.

Look at them together here, happy as clams.

A few minutes after we got there, a young skater came up and introduced himself to me. Turns out he was the poor guy who sprained his ankle a month or so ago when we were at Rose Hill, who I had gone to get a bag of ice for. "I hope this doesn't mean one of us will fall over now," I said, looking around desperately for a piece of wood to touch, before remembering my board. Five minutes later, I slipped out and whacked the back of my head so hard I saw stars. After telling everyone I was alright, I sat down for a while and sipped at my can of coke, feeling glum. My friends would stop by occasionally, excited and out of breath, to ask me if I wanted to leave. But I was bound to the session, which had only just got underway. I decided to take some photos instead. 

This synchronised one was tricky because Dave had to do two laps of the park to prepare for his smith grind, while Joey just had to drop in from behind where the photo was taken. He kept on stuffing up the timing and while it was quite amusing, it made it difficult.

We moved over to the 'gimp hole' and Dave did an air over it. This was the first one he landed, and you might notice that I stuffed up the timing of the shot - but maybe that's because the air was so tiny.

That's more like it! As if by magic, a throng of admirers gathered when Dave started taking things seriously. But instead of a witty string of observations, the crowd were treated to a bail. Oh well, maybe next time.

Then it was time for the witty observations. What an afternoon I documented! My head's alright.

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