6 May 2014

The eyes of love

A couple of weekends ago I went skating in the city with Tom and his friends - the Low Tide Boys. It's a great gang name, isn't it? It was a fun skate. I had a new board, trucks and wheels (the infamous 'Christmas set-up') so I started filming while I got used to it. This is the footage from that day, interspersed with footage of Tess trying to get her ball out of a little pool at the beach. I heard the song 'Through the eyes of love' on the drive home from Rendelsham last weekend. We were listening to a local radio station with a hilarious German announcer who said things like 'they have a sausage special on Tuesdays, but today is Monday.' There was a long pause, then he said, 'That was an advertisement.' Anyway he played this song and I enjoyed it.

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