12 March 2013

Golden Plains and Joey

Last week, my old mate Joey and his new bride Mems flew off to start a new life in gay Paris. It was stinking hot and we had a farewell dinner at a pub where they do about 10 different varieties of parmas for $10 each. Quite appropriate really.


Not one but two busloads of o-week students rolled up in full regalia. Quite appropriare really. Bon voyage Joey and Mems! They're in Paris now. It's 0 degrees apparently. It's still bloody hot here.


On the way home we saw these guys. There were two of them in the car.


Fast forward a few days and here we are at Golden Plains music festival. It had been a couple of years and I must say I've gone a bit soft. Ed and I were working in the Beatbox Kitchen again, and I found I am not the man of steel I used to be. Ed, however, was at his searing best.


We got wasted and went on the ferris wheel. Tim wasn't wasted, he was working, but he came on the ferris wheel with us.


Oh, this was before the ferris wheel. It's Alice, Ed and Beci, sitting around enjoying some pink flamingoes and feeling pretty drunk thanks to Beci's endless bottle of vodka etc.


One thing about music festivals, even really good ones like Golden Plains is it is far too easy to miss the music or watch it from a distance (which never really works in my experience). We made sure we got up nice and close for Cat Power.


I was thoroughly impressed. It made me understand the new album a lot better. She has grown a bit tougher and more positive over the years. I loved her reinterpretation of 'I Don't Blame You' and the cover version of 'Shivers' was pretty fantastic also. The whole thing was great.


Can't get much better than this!


Flower toss at the end. You could tell she was happy with the performance.


Even though Dinosaur Jr were about to play and I used to have that song 'Freak Scene' taped off the Santa Cruz video over and over on a cassette, we got some dinner from the Taco Truck and listened to it from there.


Wake up call


Back to the Taco Truck for breakfast. Raph was singing as he cooked these beauties!


We polished off our weekend with a set from one of my favourite Melbourne bands Dick Diver. They were great! Especially Al's banter and the guest spot from Professor Honk, who was Al with his collar up and some sunnies on, playing the sax. Then we drove home.