3 February 2013

Joey's bucks day

My dear friend Joey is getting married in just a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we are going to New Zealand the day before the wedding, so I won't get to be there on the day. At least I'll be there for the crazy bucks day thing, I thought. Joey's plan was for everyone to get inflatable rafts and make our way around the four-hour long Pound Bend in the Yarra - an awesome and potentially hilarious idea. Then on Wednesday I fell over and made a weird hole in my elbow, and the bone was sort of sticking out, then I went to the doctors and fluid sprayed him in the face when he was cleaning the wound. Then I got it stitched up and floating around the Yarra for four hours was not going to happen. Disappointing. Instead, Sam, Jason and I went to meet the motley crew at the end of their journey.


I'd never been there before; it's a fantastic spot. There's even a tunnel (man-made?) from one side to the other.


Sam brought a raft from a previous voyage.


And promptly made himself right at home.


Jason and I were happy to stay on the banks with our chips and dips.


Here they come!


Most were smiling, a few were a bit cold, one was sick and a couple were missing. Andy was in his element.


It felt a bit like the landing of the first fleet, with all its accompanying horror.


A few of the more daring members of the party took a couple of runs through the tunnel and the rapids. Cap'n Joey and Julian were caught in a slightly compromising position on their way towards the rapids.


I think Julian may have actually fallen out a moment after this photo was taken.


Not Cap'n Joey though! He hung on to the end.


Dion wasn't looking so flash.


Group shot. Good one Cap'n Joey!!!