15 December 2012

New camera!

Forgive the radio silence, I've been waiting on a new camera. It's a delicious kind of torture being obsessed with something for ages before you have it. Waiting for this camera reminded me of all those other things that I decided I needed and set about making them exist. I think the first one was the set of space Lego that sat above the door when I was learning how to use the toilet by myself. I used to go in there and just stare at it. When we went to the shops, I'd find that particular set and examine the box, calculating how all these new pieces would add to my overall Lego experience. When I finally pooed enough times by myself without incident and earned the set, I can recall the sense of relief of how it was exactly as good as I expected. It wasn't a surprise, it was just such a validating relief. It was repeated over the years with various vital objects: a Gray Nicolls GC Master Scoop, a Matt Hensley H-Street pro model, a pair of burgundy Vans, an industrial sewing machine. That's how it is with this new camera.


Oh yes, we've also moved house. Above, you can see Tess proprietorially sitting in her new West Brunswick backyard. Below, you can see a wonderful sight: Sam back on the board. So great! Evening museum sessions are happening again. On the downside, I fell on my head last week and got concussion. Bloody museum!

Sammy back on the board

Another wonderful sight - Siggy in Melbourne! He tricked us all and kept his visit a secret until a surprise unveiling last weekend. Incredible!


The new house has a big kitchen and a barbecue in the backyard that we procured from Bunnings. We pretty much cook every meal on it.




Tess has been getting to know the local characters. There's no Merri Creek close by, but we make do.


We did go for a walk along the Yarra yesterday. I'm basically just trying to get used to the camera and taking photos of everything. It's a Fuji x-pro 1.


Beautiful summer's day in Melbourne.


Two of my favourites


Barbecuse to honour Siggy and Charlotte's (temporary) return at Charlotte's folks'.


What a lovely man he is, that Siggy.


Just then, we had dinner in the park for Amanda's birthday. We live around the corner from Amanda and Conor now, and Raph and Beci - a serious leasing point on the area.


Tyke was just chilling in a tree.


Ari up to a similar game, but in a more Ari-sized tree.


Amanda's mum brought the cake over from New Zealand!


Tess was on the lead