18 March 2010

Dave and Scottie

This photo was taken at the peak of a hot summer's day, where were we? I'm not sure exactly. One of those weekend skate missions with Pete and the gang. We started at a brand new park, which was covered in evil microscopic rocks that stop boards dead in their tracks. I got pitched right into a woop-de-woop and felt like I had broken a rib. Scottie was the only one not to fall over if I remember correctly, the nimble bastard. Then we went to this park, which was a lot more fun. Dave was hanging upside down in the shade while we watched a liquored-up Joey skate and I just had enough time to take this under exposed frame, thinking in the back of my mind it would make a good poster for his comedy show. We thought it would look funny upside down, but Dave looks quite disturbing.

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