5 November 2008


I will go into more detail presently, but on Saturday I skated down a hill and collided with this van:


It was going pretty fast and I was airlifted to hospital. Brett took this of me that night.


I'm amazingly lucky I'm not dead. This is the name of my file:


No internal bleeding, broken nose, broken rib, grazes all over me. This is me yesterday following plastic surgery.


I finally got out of hospital this afternoon. Thanks for all your messages and visits, they have made it so much easier to deal with. I feel incredibly lucky and even more interesting.


Andy said...

Holy crap Max!!!!

I'm glad you're (semi) okay. Get well soon.

Pickled Wizzard said...

hey bro.... hope your doing ok.... sending my love

Anonymous said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! Totally not what I expected to see on my mid-week Note To Self blog-check.. Ridiculous!! Super happy that you are healing up.. I didn't believe it until the last photo. I've had family members in hospital and I wasn't this concerned! Get well soon.. Oh yeah we are now plastic surgery nose brothers (smashed mine in the edge of a brick if you remember)

P.M said...

holy hell.

so gnarly.

back to backers too.

get well soon at least.

I mean: DAMN.

diversal said...

tough as fuck

D said...

bombing hills = fun. face butting vans = not fun. fuck dude, that is some heavy shit. glad to hear that you are, well, just super-wrecked instead of something worse. was that you that had the presence of mind to get some documentary shots of van/neckbrace/medical form/etc? nice multi-tasking holmes! hope all goes well with recovery. stay strong brother. canadian dave.

AnneH said...

Bloody hell Max! I'm one of your mum's friends from Nottingham - my son is 13 and I had hoped I only had a few more years of worrying about what a t**t he is on his bike - bushes jump out at him and stuff like that, making him crash -but skateboarding at 32? Give your mum a break and get a car, or jog, how about the bus? Hope you're back on your feet/board soon.

anya said...

holy moly brother!! how are you feeling now??? hope you are recovering okay....poor thing..