18 April 2008

3 ollies

In the absence of bloggy, and due to great demand (Prior, Sam and Siggy said I wasn't blogging enough), I scanned some photos to look at.


First and perhaps the best example of the form, Gustav. This was a good day. We did the Newport, Hardcore mission, then skated a ghetto ledge that I believe was made by Shorts. Where are you, Gustav?


When I last lived in Adelaide, I spent most weekends shredding with Andy Walker and his crew, taking photos while they filmed for the elan video. Webster was shredding really hard and this ollie is massive, I only clicked it to huge because the fisheye was new. Webster used to pull hairs from my head while I was crouched on the ground taking fisheye photos, it was a thing we had. Last time I saw him, he seemed pretty out of it, hanging with some sketchy characters. This photo was actually printed in Slam magazine. It came out really badly, but I was stoked.


This is me in Brisbane, about 1996. I think this bump is still there? It's a good one, with a downhill run-up. Russell, who I lived with, took the photo. Weird arms.

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