5 November 2013


I always think Jason looks like he's dancing when he skates. Could have something to do with the fact he's usually dancing when he's not skating, too.


It was halloween the other day. We were prepared for Bonnie, Tyke, Ari, Fia and Milo to visit, so Rosie stocked up on treats. But even before they arrived, a few gangs of ghoul kids dropped by to loot us. I was a bit spooked and didn't want to photograph them so as not to appear creepy (in the bad way), but did get a photo of this balloon Rosie decorated. It's supposed to be Frankenstein's monster, but came out looking like Lou Reed (quite apt - RIP). However, Ed thought it was a portrait of me!


The weather has been uncommonly pleasant. Tess and I hit the beach the other day, it was bloody lovely.


We drove to Daylesford on the weekend so Rosie could look at a house she might be working on.


It's a nice wild spot.


I've been doing some stuff with the Independent Photography Festival, which is running here this week. This is the chap behind it all - Joe Miranda. He's reading a piece in The Age I did with Ben Clement, one of the exhibiting photographers.


Here's Joe with another top name in photography and the subject of the film I made a month or so ago - Sean Fennessy. I think I nailed this shot. Design Files, I'm available!


Penny and I hosted a slideshow/talk thing on Sunday with Sean, Tim Hillier, Lauren Bamford and an American chap named Clint Woodside. Penny and I also wrote essays that were included in a zine they made as part of a workshop day, which I look forward to seeing in the flesh soon. I felt important and part of something good.


Here's Clint showing a showreel type thing from his photography 'crew' called the Deadbeat Club, which includes amongst its number Ed and Deanna Templeton. Miles and Ed look on.


And here's Ed a bit later, before we had a nice dinner for Conor's birthday.