18 January 2016

New year, new blog

It's been a great run, but I've finally got a new website. So from now on, all my blogs, articles, photos, ideas and things should hopefully be found there. 

9 November 2015

Did Not Land

It's funny that you're only supposed to show photos of a trick someone rolled away from, because the ‘make’ is such a small part of a day’s skating. Joey obviously did not roll away from this ollie, but I like these photos anyway – they’re funny and they remind me of the day I took them. We’d all ridden our bikes to the new Brunswick skatepark, which is right near my house. I dislike the park, because the bowl is so deep and the street course is so shit. If it weren’t so close to my house it wouldn't bother me, but because it is, it does.

I had just put my board down and was talking to Mavie about something, when I actually fell into the bowl! It wasn't painful, but it was quite awkward and hilarious, and kicked the day off quite nicely. After skating there for a bit too long, we rode to A1 Bakery for lunch. They stuffed up our order, but that's alright. After our cheese pies, we stopped at a wallride spot that was much more difficult than it looked. Then we rode all the way out to Fawkner and skated there for a while, which is where I took these photos. Then we rode back along the Merri Creek bike track.

The day had a funny, meandering feeling to it, probably because of the fact we rode. There was less focus on the actual skating and it was more about the laughs we had along the way, which was sort of nice. Which brings me back to my first point. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be an emphasis placed on tricks that are landed, because there is such energy inherent in those images, and landing tricks is what good skateboarders do, but pictures of people making mistakes are interesting too, sometimes. Give me a photo of Joey flailing around madly any day – it’s funny! P.S. I should mention that Joey had already rolled away from plenty of these ollies before we decided to take a photo of it, but my camera must've stressed him out or something.